Brinno afb1000 extender camera kit



Extend your reach!

BCC2000 with Brinno’s new Camera Extender Kit

Bring your filming to new heights

Increase your reach and extend the capabilities of your BCC2000 with Brinno’s new Camera Extender Kit. This accessory kit will connect your camera with unlimited power, conduct faster data transfers, and provide early access to the beta version of the Brinno Command Center.
brinno 15m long camera extender

Give yourself a boost. With the 15 m long cable.

Get instant access to your camera. Download files onto your laptop and use the new Brinno Command Center to modify camera controls and check filming and battery status. For a truly flexible installation experience, the cable can also be used to connect your camera to external power through a power adapter. Engineered to withstand the unpredictable construction site environment. Easy time lapse just got easier!
  • simultaneous

    Simultaneously record and download

    No need to stop recording, just plug the cable into your computer and instantly download files.

  • transfer

    High speed data transfer

    Download files faster and more efficiently with our power boosting cable and multi-task dongle.

  • cable

    15m ruggedized cable

    Durable and construction-proof, our cable has UV coating and special waterproofing plug and seal to ensure safe long-term outdoor use.

  • feature

    Brinno command center

    (Beta version)

    Early access to the beta version of our new all-in-one command and control platform. Preview camera frame, change settings, check battery and SD card status from your laptop(Windows 10 only).


demonstration of the brinno camera cable use

Package contains

Brinno camera extender kit package contains


Model NO. AFB1000
Contents - Multi-task Dongle
ACB1000 - 15m Ruggedized USB-C Cable
- Mounting Adapter
- Cable Clip
- 10 Cable Ties
Dongle interface Output: USB-C (to camera)
Input: USB-C (for USB-C cable)
micro USB (for ATH2000 power supplier)
USB-C cable - USB-A Male to USB-C Male
- Weatherproofing Cap and Seal
- UV Coating
- 15m
- Supports USB 2.0 high speed data transferring at up to 200mbps
Mounting adapter Design for TLC2000 series to be installed into Construction Power Housing (ATH2000)
Requirements BCC2000 (or TLC2000 with ATH2000)
Size (WxHxD) Multi-task dongle ACB1000
47.1 x 27.9 x 9 mm
USB-C cable
Mounting Adapter
126 x 69 x 14.7 mm
Weight Multi-task dongle ACB1000
USB-C cable
635.5 g
Camera mounting adapter
32.5 g


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