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Finding the best batteries
To power your time lapse camera

Going to the store to pick out batteries for your camera can be an overwhelming process. With so many brands and types it can be confusing to figure out the differences and decide the best fit for your camera.

There are three battery types that work well with Brinno time lapse cameras. Each battery type has a different effect on your camera’s performance, which we will outline below. Please keep this and our use recommendations in mind when choosing your batteries.

While shopping for batteries you may come across a fourth type, zinc carbon. Never use zinc carbon batteries. They DO NOT work with our cameras and are low performing batteries that have been designed for low-power electronics like remotes. If you use zinc carbon batteries in our cameras they will run out of power extremely fast.

Other things to keep in mind when choosing your batteries:

1. Expiration date:
Keep an eye on the expiration date of your batteries. If you have to ask yourself “Are these batteries too old?” they probably are. When using old batteries there is a high risk of the batteries leaking.

2. No battery swapping:
Do not swap out single batteries. Electronics are designed to drain power in a balanced way and if a single battery is swapped out then the instability can lead to battery leakage.

3. High quality batteries:
Only buy high quality batteries from known companies and be careful of counterfeits when purchasing batteries online. Low quality or counterfeit batteries can damage your camera.

4. Never mix batteries:
Batteries in your camera should all be the same type and from the same brand. Mixing types and brands may lead to battery leakage.


Pro - the highest performing battery, designed to last a really long time and withstand extreme heat and cold.
Con – more expensive than alkaline batteries.

Use recommendation: long-term projects where the camera will be recording consistently for 1+ months. Essential for projects in hot and cold environments.


Pro – The cheapest option that is perfect for general use.

Con – Lower performance in extreme temperatures, therefore not recommended for outdoor filming during summer and winter months. If alkaline batteries are used in extreme weather then there is a high risk of the batteries leaking and power will be drained much quicker.

Use recommendation: short-term projects in a temperate environment.


Pro - Rechargeable batteries that provide better long term value.

Con – Most expensive up front cost and batteries degrade with repeated recharging making it harder to make accurate battery life estimations over time.

Use recommendation: heavy users who are constantly recording short-term projects


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