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Using Time Lapse to monitor cattle behavior

Using Time Lapse to monitor cattle behavior

See how they use time lapse surveillance cameras as part of their consultations and the benefits they have reaped from doing so...

Moonflower time lapse at Cambridge University goes viral

The Glasshouse in Cambridge University Botanic Garden hosts many of the world’s rarest plants. Sitting on 40 acres of land, the Glasshouse supports a wide......

The Guardian publishes article about research conducted using Brinno time lapse cameras

Do plants have a conscious and are they sentient beings growing with intent? These are questions that researchers from the US......

Interview with Ryan Connor

The Growing Answers YouTube channel has grown from a self-proclaimed junk drawer of videos to a highly respected and curated library of horticultural content.......


Content creator spotlight: industrial photographer Bogdan Dumitru

Bogdan Dumitru is a Romanian industrial photographer who lives in Constanța. He has been working in this field for 5 years, starting with his first drone the Phantom 2......

Art Director Jacinta Leong Shares Her Time Lapse Techniques

A few weeks ago, Jacinta Leong was interviewed on Jasin Boland’s YouTube channel about her experience using time lapse to document the large scale film sets that she designs for big-budget films in Australia......

Inside Notre

Using Time Lapse to Share Best Practices in World Heritage Site Restoration

Last year everyone in the world stopped to mourn Notre-Dame in Paris after a devastating fire destroyed the roof of the cathedral. This disaster was a good reminder of the power and importance.....

Outdoor animal tracking

Outdoor Animal Tracking - Brinno Time Lapse in Research Applications

Time lapse video has many applications in the world of academia. A recent article by Mathieu Bonneau et al. entitled “Outdoor Animal Tracking Combining ......


Agricultural research with Brinno time lapse cameras

Limgroup is a worldwide active agricultural research and breeding company in the south part of the Netherlands. Limgroup breeds different crops, such as asparagus, mushrooms, and strawberries.


Recording and analyzing customer flows

Recording and analyzing customer flows using the Brinno TLC130 Time-lapse Camera. A young Swiss leading company in behaviour understanding is excited about the small, flexible time-lapse cameras from Brinno.


Months of construction captured in minutes of time lapse video!

The Brinno Construction Camera is the effortless way to record any construction project. Set it and forget it. Create a time lapse video recorded at the rate you choose and played back at the speed you select when the project is complete.


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