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BCC2000 Plus Construction Time Lapse Bundle
Trio Bundle Pack + Camera Extender Kit

bcc2000 plus


*If your camera (TLC2000, TLC2020, BCC2000, BCC2000 Plus) firmware is currently version FW150, it might cause interruption while recording when transmitting with the Brinno Camera Extender Kit (AFB1000). Please upgrade the camera firmware to version FW158 or higher version immediately to ensure the maximum performance of camera and extender kit.

A Redesigned BCC2000

We have bundled our bestselling BCC2000 with the Camera Extender Kit (AFB1000), as a result, creating our easiest and most efficient time lapse solution yet. Engineered to withstand the unpredictable construction environment, the Extender Kit’s 32ft (10m) long cable provides instant access to your camera through your laptop (Windows 64-bit OS).

BCC2000 vs. BCC2000+

Which camera fits my needs?

Ground Control

Ground Control

Have full control of your camera settings while keeping your feet firmly on the ground. The BCC2000 Plus makes using a Brinno camera effortless and efficient. Complete all common camera functions instantly without needing to fumble with SD cards or a camera LCD screen.

Ladderfree Access

Jobsite safety is essential to any construction project. With the BCC2000 Plus, experience truly ladderfree access to your camera. The Camera Extender Kit (AFB1000) eliminates the need to climb-up to access your camera. Effortlessly connect to your laptop (Windows 64-bit OS) using the 32ft cable and get instant access to your camera to download files, adjust capture interval, image settings, schedule, start and stop recording. You can even check-up on your camera battery life and remaining SD card memory.

  • Command Center

    The fear of accidentally bumping and changing your camera position, mid-time lapse, is a thing of the past. Brinno Command Center is an all-in-one command and control platform that allows you to access your camera through your laptop via the Camera Extender Kit (AFB1000). Use the platform to do a wide variety of actions including: preview camera frame, change settings, check battery and SD card status. All from the comfort of your laptop!

    Command Center
  • Live View

    Check your camera view angle using your laptop before filming to make sure camera is in the correct position and lens is focused. Easily check-in with your camera throughout your project, the convenience of using your laptop means you can see what your camera view is as much as you want without stress.

    Command Center LiveView
  • Settings

    The Command Center settings will look familiar to seasoned Brinno users because they mirror the settings found in the EMPOWER Series camera menu. Change your capture interval, image settings, set a schedule and more from your laptop instead of climbing up to your camera and flipping through the menu on the 2” LCD screen.

  • Battery & SD Card Status

    Film with confidence knowing you can easily check your remaining battery and SD memory instantly, at any time, without climbing up to your camera or disturbing your recording. Stay up to date and film without worries.

    Battery & SD Card Status
  • Download Files

    Download files faster and more efficiently with our power boosting cable and multi-task dongle. No need to stop recording, use the Command Center to simultaneously record and download. Instantly access files without disruptions.

    Download Files

How to use the Brinno Command Center

An Upgraded Time Lapse Experience

Freedom to check your camera as needed. Even beginner timelapsers can be at ease knowing they can easily check their filming status as a part of their regular rounds. No need to climb to great heights to check-in with your camera.


Icon Power


Icon Control

Laptop Command &
Control (Windows 64-bit OS)

Icon Download

Simultaneous Record
& Download

Icon Cable

Ruggedized Cable

Icon Water

Power Housing

Icon Clamp


  • Unlimited Power

    Unlimited Power

    Coupled with the Power Housing’s (ATH2000) worry-free battery life and the Extender Kit’s ability to plug into external power, the BCC2000 Plus is thebest solution for long term filming.

  • Laptop Command & Control

    Laptop Command & Control

    Gain access to our all-in one camera command and control platform, the Brinno Command Center (Windows 64-bit OS). Preview camera frame, change settings, check battery and SD card status, and more!

  • Simultaneous Record & Download

    Simultaneous Record & Download

    No need to stop recording, use the Extender Kit (AFB1000) to plug into your laptop and efficiently download time lapse files without disrupting your filming schedule.

  • 32ft Ruggedized Cable

    32ft Ruggedized Cable

    Connect to your camera from the ground using the 32ft (10m) durable and construction-proof cable. Our cable has UV coating and special waterproofing plug and seal to ensure safe long-term outdoor use.

  • IPX5 Power Housing

    IPX5 Power Housing

    The IPX5 waterproof Power Housing (ATH2000) makes long-term outdoor time lapse possible. In addition to providing four-season protection from the elements, the housing’s 16AA battery slot will power your camera for up to 328 days using a 5 min capture interval.

Industrial-grade Clamp

Designed to meet the extreme durability requirements of filming in construction and industrial environments, the Clamp Mount (ACC1000) can be securely installed onto a wide variety of surfaces. Unique multi-point mounting design enables you to adjust the clamp, as needed, to get your perfect view angle.

Camera Mounting Positions

What is Brinno time lapse?

Brinno provides a truly worry free time lapse solution. Time lapse allows you to watch months of construction progress in a matter of minutes. Take a sequence of photos at interval and schedule of your choice. The Brinno camera will stitch together your images and create a ready-to-view time lapse video.

Showcase With Time Lapse

Time lapse is an attractive way to show off your skills and talents.
Brinno customers use their cameras in a variety of ways including:

PR/Community Engagement


Stakeholder Engagement


Business Development


Document & Share Memories

Document &
Share Memories

Trust Building with Customers

Trust Building
with Customers

Spark Creativity





    Model NO. TLC2000
    Resolution 1080P
    Aperture F2.0td
    Field of View 118°
    Capture Mode Time Lapse, Step Video, Stop Motion, Still Photo
    LCD Screen 2" TFT LCD
    Storage microSD/ microSDHC/ microSDXC
    (up to 128 GB, recommend a minimum of Class 10)*1
    Power Source 2 AA Batteries DC IN 5V 1A (USB-C connector)
    Operating Temperature 32°F ∼ 113°F(0°C ∼ 45°C)
    Size (WxHxD) 2.4x 2.8x 1.7 in (60x 70.6x 42.4 mm)
    Weight 3.0 oz(87.5 g) (without battery)

    *Notes: Support up to 128GB microSD card. For 64 or 128 GB microSD card, follow instruction on the LCD screen to format the card before using it the first time.

  • Camera Extender Kit

    Camera Extender Kit

    Model NO. AFB1000
    Dongle Interface Output: USB-C (to camera)
    Input: USB-C (for USB-C cable)
    micro USB (for ATH2000 power supplier)
    USB-C Cable USB-A Male to USB-C Male.
    Weatherproofing Cap and Seal.
    UV Coating.
    32ft (10m).
    Supports USB 2.0 high speed data transferring at up to 200mbps.
    Size (WxHxD) Multi-task dongle ACB1000: 1.85x1.09x0.35 in (47.1x27.9x9 mm)
    USB-C cable - 32ft (10m)
    Mounting Adapter - 4.9 x 2.7 x 0. 6 in (126 x 69 x 14.7 mm)
    Weight Multi-task dongle ACB1000 - 0.33 oz ( 9.3g)
    USB-C cable - 15.2oz (450g)
    Mounting Adapter - 1.14 oz ( 32.5 g)
  • Construction Power Housing

    Construction Power Housing

    Model NO. ATH2000
    IP-Rating IPX5 (weather resistant)
    Compatible Cameras TLC200, TLC200Pro, TLC120, TLC130, TLC2000, TLC2020
    (Use with included battery cover adapter)
    Battery Slot TRoom for up to 16 add'l AA batteries
    Micro USB connecter (output 5V 2A)
    Exchangeable Lens Covers Kit lens cover
    Extension lens cover (for Brinno BCS lens)
    Size 6.6 x 6.1 x 4.5 in (167x156x115.5 mm)
    Weight 14 oz (393 g)
    In the Box Construction power housing; Camera mounting adapter; Battery slot; Extension lens cover; Desiccant; Screwdriver; USB-C Adapter; Strap*2


    Model NO. ACC1000
    Contents Camera Clamp; Magic Arm
    Camera Mount Screw ¼”
    Clamping Range Tube: 0.4- 3.5 in (10 - 90 mm)
    Flat surface: 0.04- 3.5 in (1 -90 mm)
    Magic Arm Load Capacity 6.6 lb (3 KG)
    Clamp Load Capacity 110 lb (50 KG) (without extension pole)
    Size (LxWxH) Folded: 8.2x 3.7x 1.5 in (209x 94x 39 mm)
    Extended: 6.9x 7.1x 2.4 in (176x 180x 60 mm)
    Weight 26.5 oz (750 g) (included magic arm)
    Materials Clamp: Stainless, aluminum
    Magic Arm: Stainless, metal, aluminum