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Professional quality time-lapses

Easy Time Lapse

Effortlessly create professional quality time lapses. Images are auto-processed into a ready-toshare video. Only record during working hours and eliminate the need for post-editing by setting up a filming schedule.

Construction bundle (BCC300C)

Recommended application: long-term outdoor projects
Time-lapse camera
Waterproof housing

Mount bundle (BCC300M)

Recommended application: mid to long-term indoor/outdoor projects
bundel wall mount
Time-lapse camera
Waterproof housing
Waterproof housing
wall mount
Wall mount

Perfect for long-term projects

  • HDR & Full HD

    Let your projects shine in brilliant full HD. Even in environments with unpredictable and unstable light, Brinno’s hands-off time lapse technology automatically balances light and colors.

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  • Long Lasting Battery

    Perfect for long-term projects, Brinno’s revolutionary power saving technology keeps your camera charged for longer than any action camera on the market.

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  • Sunlight Readable Display

    Bright environments are no match for Brinno’s new IPS LCD screen. Check live view and adjust settings from a crystal-clear display even under direct sunlight.

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  • Mounting accessories

    Set up your camera in a couple of minutes with our easy-to-use mounting accessory, bungee cords, and IPX4 waterproof housing.

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  • Multilingual User Interface

    Change your camera operating language and enjoy our new fully optimized UI in your desired language. UI available in 8 languages: English, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Français, 日本語, 繁體中文, 简体中文

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Endless Possibilities

No matter the size and length of your project.
Brinno has the perfect camera for you!

Parts of Camera

parts of camera
display of camera


Easy Time Lapse
Easy Time Lapse
HDR & Full HD
HDR & Full HD
Mounting Accessories
Mounting Accessories
Sunlight Readable Display
Sunlight Readable Display
Long Lasting Battery
Long Lasting Battery
Simplified Setup
Simplified Setup


Model NO. TLC300
LCD screen 1.44” IPS LCD
Resolution 1080P
Night Shooting Scene
Capture Mode
Aperture f/2.0
Field of View 118°
Interchangeable CS Mount Lens
Scene Setting
Schedule Setup
Battery life (@ 5 min interval) 100 days (TBD)
Maximum Storage Capacity 128GB (SD card)
Power Source 4 AA Batteries / DC IN 5V 1A (micro USB connector)
Size (WxHxD) 64 x 52 x 107 mm
Weight 140 g


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