Activities you can do in your own home

The COVID-19 virus situation is continuing to evolve on a daily basis. Many of our customers have lost their normalcy and are currently self-isolating at home.

While it is important to take care of our physical health during this time, it is also important that we do not forget our mental healths as well. Keeping a schedule and developing a routine will help you adjust to your new normal.

Lastly, make sure you are staying up to date with local advisories, while also avoiding news from unreliable sources.

To help our customers adjust to life in self-isolation, we are creating an online resource of at home activities that can be recorded using your Brinno cameras for adults and kids alike.

A simple no-bake pie, ready in no time! Recorded with the BAC2000.


Puzzels are for all ages. Some take hours, some days, some weeks. A perfect timelapse project for the BAC2000!


Who has not done paint-by-number as a kid? Always a great result and keeps the kids busy. Created with the BAC2000

From Caterpillar to Moth

A perfect at-home science experiment that is fun for all ages is to raise moths like silkworms or butterflies indoors.

Cooking at Home

Yum! All this talk of food has us hungry.

DIY Easter Eggs

We will be teaching you how to dye eggs using basic food coloring!

Grow a Grass Head

A fun and simple at home gardening!

Growing Plants

A TLC200Pro capturing a time lapse of baby pomelo trees growing in a light box.

DIY soap making

Learn how to make handmade soap bars with soothing lavender oil.

Capturing the Sunrise

Sunrise are some of the most beautiful time lapses that you can capture with your Brinno camera!

Coming Soon

•Home Maintenance
•Stop-motion video making
•Learning at home