• Brinno DUO

    Smarthome Door Camera

    DISCREET Dual Screens | Dual Storage Solution


Modernize your Peephole

Traditional peepholes are outdated and hard to use but with the Brinno DUO modernize your peephole with a large LCD screen and app to access live view and review past footage remotely. Simple, safe and practical – the perfect security solution for your entire family.

Our patented peephole technology ensures that your camera remains truly concealed from the outside. Brinno peephole cameras provide a discreet and effective security upgrade to keep your family, home, and property safe.

SHC1000W (Motion Plus)

Wi-Fi enable
Live view & playback on app
E-mail image notify
No monthly fee
2.7” LCD
microSD card
4 AA battery
Knocking detection
Motion detection

SHC1000W-S (Basic)

Wi-Fi Enable
Live view & Playback on App
E-mail Image Notify
No Monthly Fee
2.7” LCD
microSD Card
4 AA Battery
Knocking Detection